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Leaky Con 2017

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Event type Book Festival
Date 31/08/2017
Time 9:00
Location Dublin
Cost TBC

LeakyCon has been creating community inside the Harry Potter fandom for more than seven years, and we are in no way, shape, or form finished. In fact, we announced the location of LeakyCon 2017: Dublin, Ireland.

This will be the weekend of 19 Years Later, and while the traditional idea of that day is for it to be in London at King’s Cross, we wanted room for a full weekend of celebration at a locaiton that would encapsulate not just the moment you get on the train to Hogwarts but an entire journey to it. And our location (the precise spot of which will be unveiled very soon) is breathtaking and as close to Hogwartsian as we have yet come as Harry Potter fans. To say that it is going to be magical may be a cliché, but it is also true.

We absolutely cannot wait. If you were here this weekend (and even if you were not) you know a few things: that the Harry Potter community is the best on earth, it is not going anywhere, and LeakyCon brings it alive in ways that live with us all year long.

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